Aspiring Minds’ AI work appears in Communications of ACM

Skill Evaluation, By Shashank Srikant, Rohit Takhar, Vishal Venugopal, Varun Aggarwal Communications of the ACM, November 2019, Vol. 62 No. 11, Pages 60-61

Upward of four million graduates enter the labor market every year in India alone. India boasts of a large services economy, wherein a single company hires thousands of new employees every year. Meanwhile, product companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) look for a few skilled people each. This requires cost-effective and scalable methods of hiring. Interviewing every applicant is not a feasible solution.

On the other hand, graduates from 30,000+ institutes of higher education spread across 20+ Indian states face a constant challenge in signaling their competence to potential employers. Companies, most of which are located in the top 20 biggest cities in the country, bias their search by relying on proxies like university name and the city a college is located in. Applying such crude filters results in meritorious students from various demographics being ignored. Further, these students have no mechanism to get feedback on how their skills compare to those required by the industry.

Having systems that can intelligently and scalably assess a wide variety of skills is essential to addressing this broader problem affecting every modern-day labor market. Aspiring Minds was formed 10 years ago to address this challenging problem. We have developed a scalable platform to deliver standardized assessments to test job skills. The platform tests more than two million students every year and is used by 5,000+ companies including 100+ Fortune 500 companies. Read more