We are always on the lookout for talented individuals whose mood lights up with data and code. If you thrive on interesting and hard problems, you may enjoy our company. Remember, our research goes into actual products which impacts the lives of millions of people.

We are hiring at all levels!

If you have an engineering undergrad degree and can code well, can think (!), understand computer science concepts well, could boast of a good project and have some love for math, do write to us. If you have published a paper, have a machine learning project or some knowledge of statistics, it is a big plus. Add to this two teaspoons each of learning attitude and hardwork and we'll love to have you over at the earliest.

If you have worked in the industry in the area of data sciences and seen through one or more machine learning projects end-to-end from conceptualization, data collection to delivering the end-product, write to us. Remember, everyone who we hire has to code!

If you have a Masters/PhD in Machine Learning and are interested in machine learning applications to solve super hard problems with social impact, write to us.

We also take interns. Don't write to us if you will end up boring us - we like enthusiastic young folks with ideas, do-it attitude and lot of optimism.

What to prepare for the interview?

  • We make all our interviewees code, so be ready for that. Language is your choice.
  • Know your project very well. We like to understand them as well as you do.
  • Be ready to solve some open-ended problems during the interview.
  • Please don't tell us you have forgotten things from your project or basic computer science fundamentals. We love absent-minded professors, but only those who forget worldly things!
  • You DON'T have to prepare machine learning, if that is not your area. But you better do, if it is.

Wanna Apply?