Varun Aggarwal Director, CTO

Varun has a Masters from MIT and has a crazily broad area of interests. His role in the research team starts and ends at defining the problem that has to be solved. He still claims all credit, since he believes that most problems get solved as soon as they are articulated clearly! That is the toughest part. He loves to tell people about the research AM does: @ IBM Research Watson Center, Microsoft Research Redmond, MIT (and the other school in the region!), Legatum Center, QUT and others…

Shashank Srikant Sr. Research Engineer

Shashank's key work has been in developing and leading automated programming evaluation products at Aspiring Minds. He has developed algorithms for performance assessment, maintainability and semantic assessment of written code. He also leads research collaborations at Aspiring Minds. He has filed 3 patents and his work has been published at KDD and NIPS.
He likes to be engaged in computer science/mathematics education and keenly follows startups and pedagogy formulation. Webpage:

Nisha Bhatt Sr. Software Engineer

Nisha is a part of Aspiring Minds for more than 5 years. She has worked on various internal tools, report engines and scoring algorithms of various Aspiring Minds' flagship products. Her area of work is spread across various domains such as coding, data analysis, benchmarking exercises, content review etc. She likes reading fiction in her spare time.

Vishal Venugopal Team Lead

Vishal enjoys turning complex problems to simple and efficient algorithms. Ever since he joined in July 2012, he has had the opportunity to work on almost all the products. He strives for knowledge and has realized that a software engineer can never stop learning. He feels that every product he works on makes him a better engineer. His passion outside of work is travelling and playing team sports.

Toshika Chauhan Sr. Software Engineer

Toshika is a dedicated dynamic professional with outstanding track record of defining and delivering high-value software solutions. She is self-motivated and goes to the depth of every problem and solves them with finesse. She enjoys working in a team and believes that knowledge is something that should be shared openly and on a large scale. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and listening to music.

Arpit Jain Software Engineer

Arpit is the handy-man for all things in our group whether it is analyzing stuff, making new tools or updating the products. He has been working on multiple products, making them better, each receiving a million requests a month. A self motivated person and a quick learner, strives for knowledge whenever or wherever there is a chance. Besides work, he loves travelling and watching movies.

Rohit Takhar Research Engineer

Rohit received his bachelors in Computer Engineering from NSIT, New Delhi. At Aspiring Minds, he is working on the automatic assessment of programming problems. He likes developing algorithms and tools for automated program repair and automated synthesis of correct programs. Besides work, he loves to travel places and learn about different cultures. Also, he is very much interested in adventure sports. Webpage:

Abhishek Unnam Research Engineer

Abhishek completed his bachelor's in Mathematics and Computing from Delhi Technological University. Majority of his work in Aspiring Minds has been around Computer Vision and Natural language processing. Currently working on speech recognition related problems and developing algorithms to detect the influence of native language in L2 learners. Apart from this, a passionate sportsperson, die-hard Arsenal fan and someone who is always in for a game of football!!